Preferred Puppies

Would you like to welcome a new puppy into your home soon? Located in Hamilton Ohio, Preferred Puppies is a trusted seller of quality, locally-bred puppies. Before being adopted out into loving families, we care for each of our puppies as if they are one of our own, and we never source from puppy mills.

Before you decide which puppy is best for you and your family, it is important to learn how to properly care for your new puppy once you get him or her home.

Tips for caring for a new puppy

Caring for puppies can be challenging at first. There is so much that needs to be done to train and protect your new puppy, both now and well into the future. Here are some of the ways Preferred Puppies recommends you go about caring for puppies:

Potty training your new puppy

It is most effective to begin potty training right away. It is nearly impossible for your puppy to avoid having at least one or two accidents in your home at first. However, you can limit the number of accidents your puppy has by figuring out what works best for him or her.

No two puppies are the same, and even puppies from the same litter may respond to potty training differently. However, there are plenty of general guidelines you can keep in mind to make the experience a bit easier on you when potty training a new puppy in your home:

Most puppies will signal that they are about to potty. When your pup is loose in the house, keep a close eye on him. If he starts to turn in circles, sniff the floor, or arch his back while walking, pick him up and take him out. Help him get to the right place; then praise and reward him with play or a treat when he finishes.

Puppies have accidents, and it is very important to remove all traces of odor from the place your puppy potties. Regular cleaners are inadequate because puppies have very sensitive noses, and they will still smell it. If the puppy smells waste odors, they will think they've found the toilet and possibly potty there again. Pet supply stores sell special cleaners designed to eliminate odors. Use these to cleanup accidents.

When you choose to purchase one of the locally-bred puppies from Preferred Puppies in Hamilton, OH, we are available to talk in-depth about how to care for, and potty train, your new puppy. Contact us if you have any questions about the puppies we have available right now.